Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions

If you are experiencing any undesirable effects, or you are worried following the use of a products, please first refer to a Health Care Professional such as a doctor or pharmacist, or telephone 111. Take the product with you to any consultation in the original packaging with the leaflet.

Please keep the product in accordance with the conditions specified on the labelling (typically below 25°C) and do not throw anything away until the investigation is complete.

We cannot offer medical advice however please report the details to us after you have received any required medical treatment by telephoning our 24-hour telephone number +386 123 22095 or emailing using the English language.

If you are asked to leave a message someone will response as soon as possible.

Product Information Enquiries

If you have a general enquiry regarding the use of the product, please call +386 123 22095 or emailing If you are asked to leave a message someone will response as soon as possible.

 Any complaints can be sent to:


The purpose of the Transparency Act is to promote companies' respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions, and to ensure public access to information. Palla Pharma Norway AS is covered by the law and has implemented measures for compliance with this.

The law requires the company to conduct due diligence to uncover actual or potential negative consequences for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in its own operations and in the supply chain. Palla Pharma Norway AS conducts due diligence in line with the OECD Due Diligence Guide for Responsible Business Conduct and works on mapping the supply chain in line with legal requirements. If the results of the due diligence assessments reveal that there is a breach or suspected breach of the above rights, the company will clarify the facts and initiate the necessary measures. The company will prioritise and implement measures in those areas with the most serious risk of human rights violations and working conditions.

In general, the law requires that Palla Pharma:

·         Conducts due diligence on human rights in their own operations and all relevant business relationships.

·         Publicly disclose its due diligence, including procedures and identified risks.

·         Provides information upon request.

Palla Pharma will continuously improve through continuous assessments of all internal and external business conditions in relation to the assessment of risk of, negative impact on human rights, and/or working conditions.

Palla Pharma Norway AS aims to be open and transparent about how we conduct due diligence and promote respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

As an organization, we have great respect for all individuals, and their rights. We commit ourselves to maintaining and continuously develop measures that will act as preventive and to reduce risks in our own operations and in our supply chain.

Palla Pharma Norway AS aims to ensure that all our suppliers are contractually obliged to implement preventive measures to reduce risks associated with human rights and working conditions. To ensure compliance, Palla Pharma Norway AS conducts regular as well as on-demand internal audits of our suppliers to achieve this goal.

Our internal policies describe the main principles for how we will handle the human and worker rights that are most relevant to our day-to-day operations. The policies describe how we want to carry out due diligence assessments and work with improvement measures both within our own company and in the supply chain.


If you have questions regarding the Norwegian Transparency Act. Please contact by email or through our mailing address Palla Pharma Norway AS, Gruveveien 1, 3770 Kragerø Norway

We will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible, and latest within four weeks for normal requests and at least two months for comprehensive requests.